Monday, 30 June 2014

Pastor's Perspective

Pastor’s Perspective with The Reverend Jo White

Grief is something we all live with. It is something that ebbs and flows in our lives. Sometime we can be worried about the feelings that grief brings to the surface and ask ourselves; ‘When will this go away?’ We may even be told by family members or close friends to get over it and move on. I like to think that when someone we love dies that we change and because of that change we don’t get over grief we get used to it. There is a preciousness about remembering our departed loved one. There can be peace and even joy in cherished memories.

It is only ten days since Bishop John McIntyre; the spiritual leader and friend of the Anglican Diocese of Gippsland died. On Friday we will gather in Sale for a Memorial Service to celebrate and remember his life of service to the community and to the church. Personally, these events have brought up feelings of grief. I’ve noticed, as I’m sure you have, that the loss of someone who has had a profound influence on our lives stirs up all sorts of feelings.

In experiencing again a sense of loss I’ve found myself having trouble sleeping, being a bit grumpier than usual, making little mistakes, feeling heavy, laughing and crying. I’ve been listening to a song and found myself thinking of him. I’ve found myself reading an article written by Bishop John and thinking I will not hear from this wise and courageous man again.

I offer these thoughts not to expose myself but to share with you that grief is normal, it is part of life. We don’t need to be scared of grief or think we must rid ourselves of it. Grief can be good. 

The Reverend Jo White
Priest in Charge Anglican Parish of Yarram