Friday, 31 October 2014

Pastor's Perspective

Halloween and the Church

The word Halloween comes from a contraction of the words All Hallows Eve. All Hallows Eve or All Souls Eve is an important religious celebration held on 31st October. Hallow is a Latin word meaning holy. You might be wondering what holy means? Holy refers to anything or any person who has been blessed, we might say favoured by God. So it is that on Halloween/All Hallows Eve we prepare to remember our friends and family who have passed away and on whom God has bestowed his favour and love.

In Mexico Halloween is a very popular family event. Everyone goes to the cemetery to visit the graves of their friends and relatives. They take a picnic and have a kind of party. It’s a way of remembering their family members and sharing a festive atmosphere with members of the community. The name given to this celebration is The Day of the Dead. It’s not meant to be spooky or scary it’s a time to remember friends and family members.

The church values and remembers those who have died. We often pray for those who have died in our church services. We particularly pray for and remember the dear departed on All Souls Day; this year being celebrated Sunday 2nd November.

We read out the names of people who have died. We say a prayer and we light a candle. These things are done to honour and remember the people we love who have passed away. This is a time for us to celebrate what God has done through these people and to affirm our belief in the power of the resurrection to eternal life.

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