Saturday, 15 August 2015

PEW SHEET 23rd August

This week Sunday Worship is 9.00am and 10.30am at Holy Trinity Yarram (see you there)

This year we seek to be changed as we listen to God in prayer
A 20 minute Prayer Tutorial following 10.30am service at Holy Trinity our topic is Anglican Prayer Beads – an aid to prayer
Next week’s tutorial following 10.30am service at St John’s will beThe Ignation Examen - reflection in daily life.

Let’s Pray for our Missionary Agencies
Prayer for CMS – God of love, whose will it is that everyone should be saved, bless the Church Missionary Society and all who have gone out in its fellowship to preach, to teach and to heal. Guard, guide and use them; raise up more people in your worldwide Church to pray and to work, to care and to understand, to give to you and to go for you, that your Church may grow, your will be done, your kingdom come, and your glory be revealed; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for AAA – O God, our Heavenly Father, who didst send thine only begotten son into the world to teach us to love one another, grant that the missionaries of St Andrew and their co-workers may so faithfully obey his command that all people may live free from want, in peace and security, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reighneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end. Amen.

Jesus Christ Here and Now for Gippsland 2013-2017

Diocesan Vision StatementGrowing in Christ, into the fullness of human life and inviting others to go with us on the journey
Parish Mission StatementBringing God’s love to all
Parish Strategic Plan -
  • To be changed as we listen and learn from each other (established 2014)
  • To be changed as we listen to God in prayer (established 2015)
  • To adopt new ways to engage with people in our community (established 2014)
  • To implement change to be sacrificial in our giving and generous in our attitudes toward each other (established 2014)
A booklet outlining the Diocesan vision and challenge to parishes is available.
Find your copy on the welcome table.
We would like to train someone to be sacristan at Holy Trinity. This role includes laundering sacramental linens and keeping a check on supplies of wine, wafers and candles. Please see Rev. Jo.


The Yarram and District Health Service have been working on creating a community vegetable garden for some time. At a recent meeting it was clear that their proposed site within the grounds of Crossley House was not suitable and it was at the rector's suggestion that some land within Holy Trinity property might be available.Parish Council has discussed this and agreed in principle because we believe it is a viable proposal and that it addresses one of our key Strategic Plan items i.e. to adopt new ways to engage with people in our community.  We have also sought feedback from the Holy Trinity Congregation. We are grateful for the gracious way people have brought many aspects of the proposed garden to our attention.
In addressing these concerns people directly affected have been consulted; Diocesan Registrar, lawn mowing, coordinator of Red Cross Catering and the verger.
Who will be responsible?  A committee of management will be established under the auspices of YDHS. The committee would include members from YDHS, Anglican Parish of Yarram, interested community people
Does our insurance cover people working on our land? Yes, we hold a certificate of currency with a limit liability $20,000,000 covering bodily injury, personal injury or damage to property. The eligibility of those who work at the garden has been checked with Registrar.
Who is the garden for? The garden is for the use of anyone from the community. It is not limited to Crossley House residents or YDHS clients.
How many garden beds and where? At present the committee intends starting in a small way with 3 – 4 raise beds 2.4 x 1.2 meters behind Holy Trinity (see sight map)
Will any proposed structures make it difficult for Richard to mow? Richard Stackhouse is happy for the project to go ahead and foresees no problems with mowing.
Where will they store their tools? Richard is happy to share the shed for storage of their tools until they are able to build their own shed.
Will there be fixed structures or paths? The raised beds will be semi-fixed. No concrete paths will be constructed. A compost bin is planned again -  semi-fixed in construction only.
Will there be any trees planted? No trees will be planted on our land. If fruit trees are to be planted they are planned for Crossley House site in consultation with YDHS.
Will there be less parking for funerals? Yes, there will be the loss of 4-5 car parking spaces. These spaces are usually taken up by Red Cross Catering who have indicated that they are more than happy to unload their goods and then park in the street. We will investigate an agreement with the Uniting Church to use their car park in the event of large funerals.
What about maintenance of driveways? It is true that our driveways already suffer during the winter months. As a Parish Council we may decide to restrict parking on the grass and vehicle access to the property during the winter months.
Will they have access to our water supply? This question will be raised with YDHS at the next Community Garden meeting to be held 18/8/15.
Won Wron Connect Group meets Tuesdays 6pm dinner; 7pm study
Port Albert Group meets weekly at St John’s Raglan St Port Albert – Thursdays 3.00pm
Yarram Coffee Connect Group meets at Claudio's this week only Thursdays 3.45pm studying the Old Testament book of Amos  


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