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PEW SHEET 28th August



FISH + CHIPS + A FILM = fun and fellowship in September    

Reverend Jo invites you to a casual meal of fish and chips with a film in the Rectory dining room Friday 2nd September 5.30pm – 9.30pm ice-creams and lollies during the film

WEEK TWO – You are encouraged to invite your neighbour for a coffee or a meal. Perhaps you might ask a few people to get together for cards.

WEEK THREE – You are encouraged to invite a newcomer for coffee or a meal. (You could ask Rev. Jo for suggestions.)

WEEK FOUR – Sunday 25th Bring and Share Lunch at Holy Trinity following 10.30am service Sunday 25th September

Welcome to Yarram – If you or someone you know has recently arrived in Yarram then this evening is for you. The Yarram Tourism and Traders invite newcomers of the last five years to meet locals and each other over drinks and finger food at the
Recreation Reserve RW May Pavilion Wednesday 31st August 6.00pm – 7.30pm.

From Rev. Jo

HOSPITALITY is the act of offering a welcome and entertainment to strangers. It is about extending generosity to guests and visitors. A quick look at the words surrounding the word hospitality in the dictionary reveal some interesting companions – words like hospice and hospital stand out as well as simple words like host and hostel from which we derive the word hotel.

As we enter the month of hospitality some of these words might help us to reflect more deeply on what it means for our household to be a place of welcome and hospitality. This is also an opportunity for us to look more intentionally at how we offer a welcome to those who come to church.

My mum was a great entertainer. She often had dinner parties and she would enrol my sister and I in the process. A couple of things stood out from those lessons in life that I humbly share:

  1. The hostess should always greet guests personally, opening the door to them and offering a smile and a complement.
  2. Guests should be seen into the room and introduced to others with interesting anecdotes to get conversation flowing.
  3. As soon as possible guests should be offered something to drink and something to eat. Mum was strict on this one and always made sure that the first drink and nibble were served personally. (No ‘Help yourself.’ with a cursory point at the buffet would do.)

The purpose of these evenings was always to make those who had been invited feel special and to help everyone to get to know each other better. If a new person joined the group they would be sat next to ‘a good mixer’ so they would get to know everyone more easily. Perhaps we have moved on since then and we are more inclined to go out to eat with friends rather than have them to our homes. Perhaps there is more casual approach that makes people feel at ease. Never the less being a good host is still important. When we give a luncheon or a dinner we have the opportunity to extend a welcome to newcomers and strangers as well as to friends. You never know by doing so we may be entertaining angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

Christ Church Tarraville turns 160 this year.

Come and celebrate Sunday 20th November 2016 – Christ the King

  • From 2.00pm Exhibition of Memorabilia with afternoon tea served throughout the afternoon.
  • 2.30pm Civic Reception Christ Church Tarraville
  • 5.00pm Evensong with guest preacher The Right Reverend Kay Goldsworthy Bishop of Gippsland Christ Church Tarraville

Archive Group meets Tuesdays 3.30 – 4.30pm in the vestry of Holy Trinity.

HELP IS BEING OFFERED BY Bunning Warehouse Sale, Wellington Shire, Diocesan Archivist Tim Gibson, and Yarram Men’s Shed


Christians caring for our environment
This week’s challenge is: check your clothes washing habits. What might you do to save water and energy in the laundry?

Yarram Group 3.45pm Coffee Palace Yarram in recess, recommencing Monday 5th September
Won Wron Group in recess; beginning again on 27th September at 6pm (meal); 7pm for DVD, Venue to be announced.
Port Albert Group in recess St John’s

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