Friday, 12 May 2017

PEW SHEET 14th May 2017

We pray for and give thanks for all mothers and those who act as mothers.


The Parish Council have set aside the Month of May for a special focus on prayer in the parish.

Christian Meditation - the second of our introductory sessions will held 27th May, 4.30pm at The Rectory led by David Miller see

Please note there are Pocket Prayer Books of A Prayer Book for Australia available for sale $25.00 see Rev Jo if you would like to purchase a copy.

During this month of prayer try the phone app.


Grace before mealsKen and I have recently returned from annual leave. While in Melbourne we often ate in restaurants or at the home of friends. It is our habit to say grace before meals no matter where that is. When we are in the home of friends we naturally respect their wishes but if we are dining in a restaurant or at home we give thanks for God’s blessings and for the food we are about to enjoy. Sometimes, when we do so in restaurants we feel a little bit embarrassed but we go ahead anyway even if it is in a low voice that only those at the table can hear. May I encourage you, in this month of prayer, to say grace at meal times even when in public. If it has not been your habit to say grace I offer the following to help get you started.

Suggested graces:
Bless those that sit at this table, the food that is on it, and those who prepared it. Amen.

May God bless this food to our use and ourselves in God’s service. Amen.


a place for fellowship around the Bible;
a place for prayer; a place to ask questions

In Yarram – Coffee Connect, Mondays 3.45pm at the Coffee Palace, led by Linda Bowden currently studying The Gospel of Luke
In Port Albert – 3.30pm at St John’s Raglan Street, led by Rev. Jo currently studying The Gospel of John; current dates - Thursday 18th May, Wednesday 24th We are now meeting at 3.30pm for about one hour.
In Won Wron - resumes 21st May please contact Rev Jo for details
You are welcome to join a group at any time or if you would like to start a group please talk to Rev. Jo
Please note there are copies of the Bible Study – John; The Way to True Life by Douglas Connelly available for $10.00 you may purchase for private study or join the Port Albert Bible Study Group or start a new group

PARISH COUNCIL MEETS Wednesday 17th May 4.00pm at The Rectory

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