Friday, 26 May 2017

PEW SHEET 28th May 2017


True contemplation is not a psychological trick but a theological grace
Thomas Merton
In contemporary society our Adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry, and crowds. If he can keep us engaged in ‘muchness’ and ‘manyness,’ he will rest satisfied. Psychiatrist Carl Jung one remarked, Hurry is not of the Devil, it is the Devil.’If we hope to move beyond the superficialities of our culture, including our religious culture, we must be willing to go down into the recreating silences, into the inner world of contemplation Richard Foster: Celebration of Discipline, 1989.
During this month of prayer
the phone app. Pray as You Go is recommended

Please note there are Pocket Prayer Books of  A Prayer Book for Australia available for sale $25.00. See Rev Jo if you would like to purchase a copy.

As we continue to adopt new ways to work of the healing of the planet you are invited to assist in the preparation of Boomerang Bags Saturday 3rd June 2.00pm – 4.00pm at Yarram Secondary College.
See to watch War on Waste episode 2 which addresses the problem of plastic bags in Victoria and Australia. This program is highly recommended, it airs on ABC Tuesday nights at 8.30pm.

a place for fellowship around the Bible;
a place for prayer;
a place to ask questions
In Yarram Coffee Connect, Mondays 3.45pm at the Coffee Palace,  studying The Gospel of Luke
In Port Albert3.30pm at St John’s Raglan Street, led by Rev. Jo currently studying The Gospel of John; Wednesday 31st May. We meet at 3.30pm for about one hour.
In Won Wron – next meeting 27th June more details to follow
You are welcome to join a group at any time or if you would like to start a group please talk to Rev. Jo.
Please note there are copies of the Bible Study – John; The Way to True Life by Douglas Connelly available for $10.00 you may purchase for private study or join the Port Albert Bible Study Group or start a new group.
No More Spiders in the church
No More Mice in the hall
Thank you to Derek Rothwell; member of our parish and a licenced pest controller who has just started his own business – South East Gippsland Pest Control
If you are having trouble with mice at present why not give Derek a call 0422 153 440
Pentecost Sunday, 4th June - 9.00am St John’s, Port Albert and 10.30am Holy Trinity, Yarram – please wear red.
A fellowship meal will be held at Holy Trinity Hall 12 noon. You are invited to bring simple finger food to share.
  1. Avoid taking credit                      
  2. Praise and help others                  
  3. Admit one’s mistakes
  4. Go last
  5. Learn from others

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