Friday, 29 April 2016

PEW SHEET 1st MAY 2016

NEXT SUNDAY 8th May we will formally welcome four new members into the Anglican Church. The Right Reverend Kay Goldsworthy Bishop of Gippsland will preach and preside at the service of Holy Communion 10.30am Holy Trinity Yarram. Morning Tea will be served in the hall following the service.

SUNDAY 1st May 2.00pm
Holy Trinity Yarram
Country Women’s Association Service
led by Rev. Jo.

A Message about Peace from Rev. Jo
The Prime Minister of Great Britain Neville Chamberlain (1869 -1940) is remembered for the words ‘peace for our time’. He was speaking about one aspect of peace, namely the absence of war. But, peace has a richer and more profound meaning. The Book of Common Prayer includes in its pages the following words ‘Give peace in our time O Lord because there is none other that fighteth for us, but only thou, O God.’ As part of Evening Prayer these words form part of a prayer that acknowledges that it is God alone who grants peace, mercy, salvation, righteousness and beauty to the human heart. Peace is an important word for us as Christians, it is what our Lord has bequeathed to us; ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.’ (John 14:27) Peace is something we all seek. Peace for the world, for our nation, in our hearts, for those we love. God’s peace grows within us if we open our hearts and welcome God to dwell there in. Let us plant a tree of peace in our hearts, a tree that will grow and bear fruit; fruit we can share with our world, our nation, and our brothers and sisters of every race and nation.

Shalom, my friends, Shalom, my friends,
Shalom, Shalom.
May peace be with you, may peace be with you,
Shalom, Shalom.

BIBLE STUDY GROUPS  - you may join a group at any time

Tuesday at 3.45pm Coffee Palace Yarram
Tuesdays at 5.00pm meal 6.00pm study Won Wron
Thursday at 4.00pm St John’s, Port Albert (currently in recess)

Christ Church Tarraville turns 160 this year.
We are planning a celebration on The Feast of Christ the King Sunday 20th November with an afternoon service to which Bishop Kay will be our guest. In the meantime Diocesan Archivist will lead a tutorial to assist us with our preparations Wednesday 4 May 3.00pm at the Rectory. Please indicate your interest by speaking to Rev Jo.

Anam Cara Quiet Day 21st May St Mary’s Morwell; Lectio Divina – Reading the Scriptures empowered by God
See details on church notice board

15th May Pentecost celebrations at St John’s 9.00am and Holy Trinity 10.30am

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